Offroad adventure, outdoor & overlanding lifestyle event

A unique event via unbridled routes, 4x4 off-road tracks and dirt roads to uncover pristine wilderness areas, 
protected biosphere reserves and hidden gems. This is an adventure of a lifetime!

About The Heritage Trophy

The Heritage Trophy is an annual event held during the National Heritage Week around 24 September in South Africa. We will visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in South Africa over the coming years. Every event is a professionally guided overlanding adventure. It is NOT a timed route, a race, testing of driver skills or a vehicle bragging rights competition, but rather a challenge of team spirit combined with outdoor adventure.

On this trip you will apply good navigational skills and gain knowledge on local heritage, nature, fauna and flora, archaeological and cultural history and many other interesting facets of the area.
South Africa is a country of pristine natural beauty with vast areas of biodiversity, rich in fauna and fauna, from tropical climates to deserts, mountains, plains, hills and valleys, rivers, a 2 800km coastline and a place of many diverse cultures. Our people have different backgrounds and an interesting heritage, some of which has been recorded over centuries with other culture and heritage chronicles being passed on from generation to generation.

Scientists and archaeologists excavate our soil, dig up our past and unearth ancient lost cities. They exhume sacred and ancient graves and analyze and interpret their findings to trace, track and document our ancestral history.
UNESCO awarded South Africa with several World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves, recognizing our rich fauna and flora and distinct cultures to embrace, protect, and conserve. Follow us on this epic journey to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves of South Africa, to explore its immaculate natural beauty, to discover it’s heritage, pursue its hidden gems and find unexplored places of interest, to uncover its lesser traversed areas, to experience its wilderness and traverse biodiverse protected areas with proper authorisation.

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