Limpopo 2021 Highlights

Let us discover magical Africa; be enthralled by our unique South African heritage; awed by the breathtaking natural beauty; discover hidden jewels; experience the spectacular South African wilderness on this exhilarating adventure!
The inaugural Heritage Trophy will be held from 18 to 23 September 2021 in the Limpopo Province. The adventurous expedition takes us via the rustic hills and valleys of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Limpopo – from Punda Maria in the Kruger National Park to the ancient Thulamela ruins and archaeological site at Pafuri via the Soutpansberg escarpment and the Endangered Wildlife Trust conservation and wildlife research projects, ending at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mapungubwe National Park.

The focus of this event is the unique South African Heritage of ancient trade routes dating back to the years 450 – 1200, the exceptional fauna and flora and the fascinating biodiversity of this picturesque area, the lesser-traversed routes discovering hidden jewels, and special access to areas not open to the public. The organisers of the event negotiated exclusive access to routes and wild bush camping sites not accessible by the public. This is an adventure not to be missed!
The Heritage Trophy is a family friendly event – kids as well as Oupa and Ouma are welcome! Any standard 4×4 with low range, high ground clearance and drivers with fair off-road driving skills and fully equipped for overlanding and wild camping. Each competitor will have to be fully self-sufficient for off-road and an overlanding setup. No towing allowed.

The format of the Heritage Trophy is a rivalry between teams with each vehicle representing a team. This event is NOT a race, a test of driver skills or a vehicle “bragging rights” competition, but rather a challenge of team spirit, soul of outdoor adventure, applying good navigational skills, help from aunty Google, testing your knowledge of local heritage, nature, fauna and flora, archaeological and cultural history – know your stuff!

Each team will receive a questionnaire for every day, covering the activities of the day. Yes, we have prizes for the teams and an eventual winner, but we are all winners as the highest values of participation are the memories, the evenings around the campfire, the comradery and new friendships being made.

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